Heres all the reset options of your Apple device have


Reset all settings

With this option, you will be deleting your Manual settings such as WiFi networks and password and other manually-configured settings. This Reset all setting options keeps all of your personal data, photos, videos, apps and the like.

Erase All Content and Settings

This is the option which erases everything from your device. Your settings, pictures, apps, and other data will be deleted for good — unless you’ve backed up your device before.

Reset Network Settings

Choosing this option is great for those who are experiencing trouble with various Wi-Fi connections. Resets Network settings allows your network to, flushes the cache, and deletes any temporary files you have stored on your device.

Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Your smartphone isn’t called smart for nothing especially with its keyboard dictionary “learning” habits, this happens when you type into your iMessage or to your regular SMS for its future auto corrections. this option allows you to reset all the words and phrases that you’ve usually typed in, this allows you to remove those auto corrections that you’ve previously added specially those typos.

Reset Home Screen Layout

Most people like to set up their smartphone’s home screen with their favorite apps placements, sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit. If you ever want to go back to the original home screen layout that came with your phone, you can choose this reset option.


Rest Location & Privacy

Sometimes, when you start tapping around in settings, you can mess things up and you don’t know which is which that you’ve messed up? If you want to go back to your iPhone’s original Location and Privacy settings, this option is best suited for you.

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